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  2. 1961aguilford

    Surviving Childhood Abuse

    I just posted in Everything Positive. You can call me Sarah. Of course that’s not my real name. As I mentioned in my other post today I’m a survivor of childhood sexual, physical and mental abuse. Through my strong faith in my God and Lord Jesus Christ my savior I was able to survive the things which was forced upon me at the very beginning of my childhood. Some may say it’s not possible to overcome the abuse that destroys the soul and spirit so young, I say we do not have to let the past dictate what our future will be. Together we will be overcomers of these crimes. I have a higher power I looked to. As a young child I didn’t understand why I was being abused and hurt. Now I have a greater understanding and the “Why “ I survived the abuse. God was not punishing me, as some of you may be made to believe. Every individual has a free will, it’s up to them to make the right decisions. I’m here today for this reason, to encourage you to take the first step to overcome. More later.
  3. Jordankaylee


    It’s a lot and brings me down so much that no matter how much I try to deal with things on my own I can’t. Iv tried to deal myself with life traumas like being born with epilepsy and being called a weirdo to not having friends at all, to taking years to get through school to get still a under paid job and still need help from my partners which happens to be a big part of my depression even with my diploma I still have a low pay asking for help with money eats me alive not only cause I have to ask for help but because something is always said it makes me feel like such a burden and guilty as all get out 😕 even with my husbands income no matter what I try I feel like I’m never good enough so much I can’t even keep a single friend .
  4. ikapatin

    Daughter is always sick

    Kept my daughter home again. She missed school for almost a whole week last month and now is going to be home until Thursday. She’s only in first grade but my anxiety is hoping that the school won’t say anything. She has dr notes so it’s not like they are unexcused. She is a very picky eater and I am not sure if that has to do with her being sick? She eats oranges and bananas but refuses salads and apples. I don’t know. I’m just rambling.
  5. acoustic436

    It’s May

    This month is Mental Health month and I don’t know it’s just making me feel down. Not sure why. 😞
  6. acoustic436


    I went better than i thought!! I am so excited. I may get the promotion.
  7. acoustic436


    Asking my boss today for a promotion and my anxiety is through the roof!! Wish me luck!
  8. John

    New Here

    Just saw this. Just signed up. Hope to make some friends here.
  9. New here. I am. It sure where to post this but. I am going through some personal battles and I am. It getting along with my family. They seem not to understand that I just can’t get over what I’m going through. I am constantly saying I’m sorry and I don’t feel like I’m doing anything wrong. I am alone most of the time and can’t even go see them because it just makes me more sad. Looks like this is a new site. So if no one responds that’s ok.
  10. acoustic436

    Good Couple Days

    I usually don’t have good days. But the last couple days have seemed good. Like almost a sense of calm came over me. A couple times I thought I was going to get a panic attack and it didn’t happen. It was more me thinking about it that was causing it. If that makes sense.
  11. acoustic436

    New Here

    Hello 👋
  12. Kim

    New Here

    I saw a post on Twitter about this site so I decide to join. Really havent found a site I like. Hopefully this one works out.
  13. brokenheart07

    Hi ?

    I wrote a bio for myself that I had never got to use on this site before but I finally posted it. It pretty much sums up my life although things have gotten better for me. I have controlled my depression and anxiety and just try to take things day by day.
  14. ikapatin

    Need help

    Update: He actually went 1 time on his potty!! I am so excited. ? ❤️
  15. ikapatin

    Need help

    My 2 year old refuses to try and use his potty. I have bought the training diapers and keep reminding him and asking if he has to go. But when he does he goes and hides and than comes and tells me he already went. Not sure what to do.
  16. acoustic436


    I was on this forum a couple years ago. happy to see it back.
  17. mySG Admin

    Getting Started

    To sign up for a new account head to our registration page.
  18. mySG Admin


    Please let me know if you had any issues when registering for this site.
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