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  1. acoustic436

    It’s May

    This month is Mental Health month and I don’t know it’s just making me feel down. Not sure why. 😞
  2. acoustic436


    I went better than i thought!! I am so excited. I may get the promotion.
  3. acoustic436


    Asking my boss today for a promotion and my anxiety is through the roof!! Wish me luck!
  4. acoustic436

    Good Couple Days

    I usually don’t have good days. But the last couple days have seemed good. Like almost a sense of calm came over me. A couple times I thought I was going to get a panic attack and it didn’t happen. It was more me thinking about it that was causing it. If that makes sense.
  5. acoustic436

    New Here

    Hello 👋
  6. acoustic436


    I was on this forum a couple years ago. happy to see it back.

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