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Surviving Childhood Abuse

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I just posted in Everything Positive. You can call me Sarah. Of course that’s not my real name. As I mentioned in my other post today I’m a survivor of childhood sexual,  physical and mental abuse. Through my strong faith in my God and Lord Jesus Christ my savior I was able to survive the things which was forced upon me at the very beginning of my childhood. 

Some may say it’s not possible to overcome the abuse that destroys the soul and spirit so young, I say we do not have to let the past dictate what our future will be.

Together we will be overcomers of these crimes. I have a higher power I looked to. As a young child I didn’t understand why I was being abused and hurt. Now I have a greater understanding and the “Why “ I survived the abuse.  God was not punishing me, as some of you may be made to believe. Every individual has a free will, it’s up to them to make the right decisions. 

I’m here today for this reason, to encourage you to take the first step to overcome.

More later.

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